A vintage style wedding in Kalloni Troizinias

manthos & kleopatra

Manthos and Cleopatra are one of those romantic veterans, who met but also fell in love, during the quarantine years that were so difficult for young couples. But the hardest thing of all was thatthey persevered, succeeded and stayed together, shared their dreams for the future and planned their wedding despite small or big adversities. Their romantic wedding, with a strong vintage atmosphere and retro details, is the ultimate inspiration for every hipster wed to be couple.

“We met during the quarantine days at a friend’s house and from the first day we knew that our future would be shared. The marriage proposal was unexpected, during a walk in the center, in the old neighborhoods of Athens”, says Cleopatra, recalling the beginning but also the happy ending of their subversive love story.

“The days of the ban intervened, which were the most stressful, but after that time passed, we started doing what we wanted, our first trips and planning our wedding.” The couple soon decided to make their most special joyous celebration in the countryside, choosing the birthplace of Manthos as the appropriate spot for such a unique occasion for them. Kalloni Troizinia, which combines the sea with the mountain, warmly welcomed the couple and their guests, and as it turned out, it was a magical location for an unforgettable dream wedding. 

Cleopatra and Manthos, shining with happiness next to each other, prove that love can and does flourish despite difficulties, prohibitions and dark clouds.