About me

Elena Moraiti is a wedding photographer based in Southern Greece and specifically in the island of Poros,
two hours away from Athens.

I come from a family of photographers, as my grandfather and my father were photographers too.
Growing up among films and cameras, I fell in love with the art of photography from an early age.
Studied Graphic Arts at the Technological University of Athens and then continued with photography at Leica Academy, one of the best photography schools in Greece. Participated in several group exhibitions and in 2015 held a solo exhibition at PhotoVision in Athens. Have worked in the studio, next to one of the best model photographers in Greece, obtaining experience in fashion photography and editorials, something that, in my opinion and point of view, is very important in wedding photography too.

I believe that on the wedding day, bride and groom must feel and look gorgeous!

For me, the image gives a great value to the past, as it brings to our memory events that once happened and
will never happen again. Looking at a photograph, we can relive in our mind beautiful moments with loved ones and
experience them mentally again, with almost the same intensity that they had in the past. For that, it is very
important for me to be a part of your special wedding day and capture with my lens all those happy, tender and most
of all, unique moments of your wedding. Working with couples from all over the world and getting to know them, is something that excites me and being able to create beutiful memories for them is priceless.

We don’t take a photograph, we make it… And this is my purpose!