Wedding at Eros island – Daskalio – in Poros – Greece

alexandra & gurt


“Poros has something of Venice: Canal, communication between boats, buzz, lust, sensual temptation, a place for distinguished international lovers. “
With these words the famous greek poet, George Seferis, captured the rare beauty of Poros.
In Poros there is a small island called Daskalio. It is opposite the Russian Bay at Poros. If you look at it from above, it looks like it has been painted on the map in the shape of a heart. In 2002, the Greek Tourism Organisation named the island “Eros” and was the advertising ampaign of our country.
This island of love, has hosted Greek and foreign weddings that look like they came out of a fairy tale. It is full of green trees and has a light blue background.
Makes you feel calm, your heart is at rest. If you’re not in love, you can even fall in love there…
Gurt and Alexandra combined their holidays in Greece with a beautiful and romantic wedding which took place at, maybe, the most romantic place to join hearts, Daskalio island. Under the “eye of God” which is painted on the chapel’s wall and among family and close friends, they joined their lives and started their own “happily ever after” story! This idyllic landscape enchants and is one of the most favorite wedding destinations for couples and photographers.