Boho style wedding – Poros

spyros & maria

On a sunny day in Poros, the little church of Timios Stavros was filled with the air of love and joy, welcoming a couple who chose to seal their love with a boho wedding that will be unforgettable. The groom arrived in a white antique car, following the path of tradition, while the bride arrived at the Holy Temple with a traditional boat that danced on the waves. Their image was enchanting, a meeting of the past with the present, a love that traveled from land to sea. The reception was held by the sea, at Seen, giving guests the opportunity to enjoy the sound of waves and the sunset. The place was decorated with light fabrics and bright lanterns, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The next day, the newlyweds decided to capture even more magical moments with a photo shoot in picturesque Nafplion. The bright colors of the sky and the soft reflection in the crystal clear waters of the Argolic Gulf gave an interesting touch to the photos, capturing an atmosphere of unique romance. The photo shoot in Nafplio was the perfect continuation of the wedding ceremony in Poros, leaving behind a series of images that will accompany the couple forever, capturing their love and happiness in every photo.